About Us

Mýflug Air is an Icelandic, EASA approved airline specializing in air ambulance and charter flights, with more than 35 years flying experience. We also conduct calibration flights and during summers we offer sightseeing flights from Lake Mývatn in Northern Iceland. We have worked closely with most of the domestic airlines in Iceland through the years, and in recent years we have also conducted flights on behalf of the Icelandic Coast Guard. Read more about our company.

Our pilots are highly experienced in flying under demanding conditions and our team is dedicated to providing the best and most efficient service possible!

Mýflug operates according to EASA OPS 695/2012 and has flight operators license AOC/014

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
Mýflug hf.
660 Mývatn

Tel: 464-4400

Kt: 630785-0579

Email: myflug(at)myflug.is

Our location (Via Google Maps)


Name Title Mobile Email
Leifur Hallgrímsson Director of Flight Operations +354 896 4420 leifur(at)myflug.is
Sigurður B. Jónsson Safety Officer +354 899 7290 siggi(at)myflug.is
Leifur Hallgrímsson Training Manager +354 896 4420 leifur(at)myflug.is
Hallgrímur Páll Leifsson Ground Manager +354 847 6818 hallgrimur(at)myflug.is
Gunnhildur Stefánsdóttir Accounting Manager +354 896 2228 gunnhildur(at)myflug.is
Guðni Agnar Kristinsson Quality Manager +354 690 5854 gudni(at)airacta.com