Air Ambulance



Mýflug Air provides air ambulance services to a large part of Iceland under a contract with the Icelandic Ministry of Health. The air ambulance operation is based at Akureyri airport in Northern Iceland and is conducted in cooperation with The Akureyri Fire Department and the local hospital. We can also handle international patient transportation if requested.

For air ambulance requests please call 112  (Written form for air ambulance requests can be obtained here. - Only in Icelandic)

 The aircraft used for air ambulance flights is a specially equipped Beechcraft Kingair 200 which is on constant standby at Akureyri airport. The crew consists of a captain, first officer and an EMT from the Akureyri Fire Department. If necessary, a flight physician will also accompany patients on flights.


Onboard the aircraft is room for two patients on stretchers and all vital equipment for their care is always present. Special arrangements are made when flying with pregnant women and children.

We fly on average about 700-800 ambulance flights a year, mostly within Iceland. We also handle international air ambulance requests, mainly from Greenland, but destinations in Scandinavia and the UK are also available non-stop from Iceland.

For any questions and/or inquiries please call:

Myflug Air: +354-464-4400.

Akureyri Fire Department: +354-461-4200