Myflug Air was established on the 7th of April 1985 with the intention of offering sightseeing, charter flights and flight instruction from Reykjahlid airport by Lake Myvatn, in Northern Iceland.

Since this new airline was formed by locals it was named after the nearby lake: Mýflug (Myflug Air in English).


Business grew at a steady pace and in 1987 a new hangar along with a small passenger reception were built at the airport. Among the aircraft types used during the first years were Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 206 and Piper PA-23 Apache. What they had in common was rather limited seating capacity, but that changed in 1990 when the airline started scheduled service between the capital Reykjavík and Lake Mývatn using a Piper Chieftain, which had seating for eight to nine passengers.

In 1997 a scheduled flight service was started between Lake Mývatn and Hornafjörður (on the South-East coast of Iceland) but that service was discontinued two years later along with the scheduled flights to Reykjavík, and instead the airline began operating scheduled flights between Reykjavik and Húsavík in Northern Iceland.
A nineteen seat Dornier 228 turboprop aircraft was chartered and the service began in 1999.

The load factor however proved disappointing and the service was discontinued 18 months later.
After rethinking it's strategy, Mýflug Air shifted it's focus from scheduled flights to dedication to the tourist market, mainly sightseeing flights from Lake Mývatn, along with charter and air ambulance flights.

In 2005 Mýflug Air was awarded the contract to provide air ambulance service to most of Iceland. The contract period was five years, beginning on January 1st. 2006 with an optional two year extension.
A Beechcraft Kingair 200 was purchased and refurbished with all necessary equipment for patient transportation, including two stretchers.
In 2008 the company expanded further when it took over daily operations over Isavia's aircraft, which is also a Beechcraft Kingair 200. The contract period was initially one year, until it was renewed in 2009 for the next three years. This contract enabled Mýflug Air to have a backup aircraft of the same type available for the air ambulance service, as well as for charter flights.
It is also used for flight calibrations in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Another important event in 2008 was the inauguration of a new hangar at Akureyri airport, which besides housing aircraft also has offices, a class room and a lounging area on the upper floor.

Today our fleet consists of five aircraft, and during summers with peak activity Mýflug Air employs around 12-15 people, including 13 pilots.