Other Services

Our services include (but are not limited to):

Patient transportation

We offer a specially equipped aircraft for air ambulance flights, fitted with an advanced lifeport kit and stretchers for up to two patients. Direct flights to destinations in Iceland, Greenland and in Northern Europe are available if requested. Patients are normally accompanied by specially trained EMT's (emergency medical technician) from the Akureyri Fire Department
Flight physicians can also accompany patients on flights, if necessary.

Air Drops

Air drop is a fast and efficient way of delivering necessary objects, such as spare parts to ships at sea, or vital parts to any other remote location. For further information regarding potential air drops please contact us, we are able to provide quick response should the need arise. 

Aerial Photography

Mýflug Air has a long experience of flying with photographers, from amateurs to professional ones, including photographers from National Geographic, Microsoft and film crews from various television stations around the world.
For the ultimate picture clarity we are able to offer open door photography (under specific circumstances, ask our staff members for more information).