Sightseeing Flights


Our airport by Lake Mývatn is conveniently located in regards to some of the most interesting and beautiful scenery in Iceland. Dettifoss, Asbyrgi, Askja, Mt. Herdubreid and Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajökull (to name a few) and newly formed Holuhraun lava field are all less than 1 hour away!

Below is our selection of tours. A 2 person minimum usually applies for all tours, except the arctic circle flight where the minimum is 3 persons.


From Mývatn:

Mývatn and Surroundings

Askja and Herðubreið

Askja and Vatnajökull

Dettifoss and Ásbyrgi

Super Tour

Arctic Circle Flight


From Reykjavík:

Volcanic Flight from Reykjavík

Grand Golden Circle From Reykjavík Airport

Glacier Flight From Reykjavík