3. Askja and Vatnajökull


Our most popular tour!


We fly from Lake Mývatn and it's surroundings, over Ódáðahraun (the largest continous lava field in Iceland) towards the stratovolcano Askja situated in the central highlands of Icelands and reaches up to 4954 ft (1510 m.), make a circle over the caldera and go from there to Kverkfjöll mountains, where you observe the striking contrasts between thermal heat and glaciers.

The Glacier in question Vatnajökull, is the largest glacier in Europe. On a clear day one can see right across it to the south all the way to Iceland's highest mountain, Öræfajökull.Kverkfjöll

Flying back we pass Mt. Herðubreið (often referred to as the Queen of Iceland mountains) before flying back to Lake Mývatn, over Mt. Hverfjall, Mt. 

Námafjall and Krafla prior to returning back to the airport.

This tour provides excellent material for photography! 

Note: Pay on arrival.